A robotic desk lamp that automatically moves as you call.

Lumigent is a robotic smart desk lamp with camera and Wi-Fi.
When you talk to her "Hi, Lumi", she automatically transforms herself into appropriate positions determined by the voice she hears. She will also automatically adjust to preset brightness. A camera is mounted at the tip of her and with that she can take pictures of documents on the desk and record motions of you in front of her.

She remembers your ideal lighting preferences.

Lumigent intelligently adjusts her lighting angle and position by transforming her arm using the 4 motors inside, she can even memorize them based on your preference. You can preset lighting angles and positions to read a book, use a computer or any variety of other tasks. All you need to do is say “Hey Lumigent, change the position to computer (or reading)”.

Her perceptive 8MP eye can revolutionize work collaboration.

Lumigent captures everything on and around your desk via your voice commands with her auto-focus 8MP camera. Having a "smart eye" on your desk can revolutionize work collaboration, for example, artists and architects can share drawings captured by Lumigent seamlessly to cloud services, then ask her to switch to webcam mode to start a video conference.

Light Source
LED (6200K・Ra90)
LED Power
Camera Resolution
Max. 8 megapixels
Internet Connectivity
Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac), Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX) *Supported as an option
Connection Port
USB (web camera use), USB port x2 - 1) for charging only, 2) for Wireless adopter (accessory), microSD card slot
AC adapter
Application OS support
iOS, Android
Before transformation: 200×130×490 mm, After transformation: 620×130×375 mm (W×D×H)

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